Benefits of Using Lodgepole® Property System

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Creates Peace of Mind

Was that roof replaced 15 years ago? Or was it 10 years ago? Know exactly when the current roof was installed AND more importantly, when it needs to be replaced so you are financially ready.

Lodgepole understands the needs of outdoor properties! The president has over 25 years in the camp and center industry and has offered trainings, written several articles, and authored a book on outdoor property management.

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Utilizes Your Team's Expertise

Each part of your team brings different expertise to the table. With Lodgepole, all skills are essential and integrated in one centralized place for your staff and volunteers.


Strategically manages just about EVERYTHING

Bunk beds, AV equipment, canoes, air conditioners, furnaces, roof replacements — the list is unique for you. In Lodgepole, you customize and keep track of what's important to you.

Purchase only the components of Lodgepole you need. Each module has multiple built-in reports.

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Helps you become an expert

Unlimited access to online training videos. Learn how to set-up Lodgepole, run reports, or use advanced features. Within 30-60 minutes, most people understand how to use Lodgepole and can start entering their data.

Telephone consultations. Together, your key staff and Lodgepole will work to set up your property and consult on various property issues for the best asset management possible.

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